Claim 8 Euros and get to know Coinbase

Claim 8 Euros and get to know Coinbase

One of the most popular ways to buy crypto is Coinbase. It is also a great page to help you understand crypto. If you access Coinbase via my referral Link and register, you will get 8 Euros for your registration after you buy or sell at least 88.45 Euros.

Let’s talk about what is Coinbase. It is a digital currency exchange, so something like a crypto broker. You can exchange Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin with fiat currencies in approximately 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide. You can basically buy crypto with real cash, exchange for other crypto or withdraw cash to your bank account.

Coinbase fees are subtracted from the amount entered to arrive at the total. For example, if you want to sell $100 USD as the amount of cypto value (something like BTC), and the fee is 1.49% (for BTC), your total will be $98.51. $100 Worth of BTC will be removed from your Coinbase account and $98.51 transferred to your bank account.

One of the features that I found quite interesting is the ability to earn crypto for free.

When you register to coinbase and fill in the necessary data, you can easily learn about crypto and earn crypto for that. The only issue is that sometimes there are no available coins to be given out for learning. So you have to get on a waiting list and wait for an email. This can take some time, so be patient.

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The intention of the post is just to share my experiences.
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