Stocks Update and Monthly Analysis

Let us talk about how I increased my passive income by 5.96% by not doing anything for a month. When I started doing stock investments I spent a lot of time reading blogs, news, doing technical analysis and talking in discord channels about specific stocks. With a lot of time I mean I was obsessed with knowing everything about a stock that I want to buy. But last month I decided to loosen up and see what happens if I reduce my stock analysis time. Instead of constantly reading and searching for news I installed the “” app and registered the stocks that I have and in which I am interested in, besides this, I started listening to the “Wall Street Breakfast” podcast on my way to work and back. My technical analysis was reduced to looking up stock on a weekly level, this means when I analyze stocks I set the time interval to one week (This is similar to swing trading, you can read about this in my other blog post).

The stock tool that I have on the page I use to see some general data about the company, this helps me make decisions more easily.

Currently, I have the following stocks in my portfolio.

Stock Name Money Invested (%) Overall Profit since Investing(%)
Berkshire Hathaway Inc 11.54% 2.68%
Office Depot Inc 9.45% 0.63%
PayPal Holdings 7.92% -9.37%
Foot Locker Inc 7.08% -6.26%
Visa 5.52% -4.14%
Centrica 5.25% -18.85%
Philip Morris International Inc 3.67% 4.72%
Corning Inc 3.67% -0.96%
Lyft Inc. 3.15% -24.51%
Royal Bank of Scotland 3.15% -1.37%
Royal Mail 3.15% -8.21%
Cloudflare 3.04% -7.88%
Coca-Cola 2.89% -0.42%
JPMorgan Chase & Co 2.62% 8.96%
Aurora Cannabis Inc 2.62% -31.5%
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 2.62% 1.88%
Barclays 2.62% 3.08%
Lloyd's 2.62% 6.95%
Prudential Financial Inc 2.62% 4.53%

As you can see that some of my investments are in the minus numbers, for me this has become quite normal and I am not afraid to see even -50% as some point, because Foot Locker was deep in the minus and now it is almost positive, but the cool thing is that I already received dividend payments from Foot Locker and many other stocks. As you can see, you can have negative stock numbers and still be positive if you diversify your portfolio properly. Many of my friends suggested that I invest in thinks like the SPX500, DJ30, and UK100 but I want to invest in the companies that I believe are good and I want to be up to date with the happenings surrounding these companies.

The past month I focused on buying some UK stocks, specifically bank stocks and this has been working quite good for me now. My goal is to diversify my portfolio into different stocks from different sectors to have a smaller risk of losing my money.

This month I sold LYFT because I think the price will keep falling and invested in Wells Fargo & Co, Netflix, and Nintendo CO Ltd. The goal with Netflix is to hold it for a week or two and sell it if it makes a profit and the other two have a nice dividend rate so I will keep them longer.

The past month was quite good for me since my stock portfolio rose by 5.96%, looking at the numbers for this month I think it will be a bad one for most of my stocks. But the new ones that I invested in should balance out the loss. My goal is this month to be above -0.3% but you know Trump might tweet something about the US China Trade Deal and I might just jump up by 5%.

Other stocks that I have in my next picks pile are:

Accenture PLC
Airbus Group
Johnson & Johnson
NextEra Energy

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This is not financial advice.
I am not a financial advisor.
The intention of the post is just to share my experiences.
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