Mintos, Bondora & eToro update

After some time I think it would be nice to write a monthly update on my investment portofolio, just to share how easy you can fail and succed with some online investing sites.


I have been using eToro since the end of November last year, my goal here is to reach $5000 in investments and be part of their Silver Club level. Now with only $2000 invested it is easy to see what 1% of the increase can do to your portfolio. The other day I saw that I was up by $20 and when I looked into my portfolio it was only a 1% increase in it. The past months I was using copy portfolios and I started to buy undervalued stocks. Mostly focusing on financial stocks because of the Fed Rates their value dropped significantly. After the worst month ever, where most of the stock values dropped by 30% I was the one buying bank stocks. In the end, I ended up with shares in JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Visa and more. But I also focused on European Bank stocks mostly UK Banks, because due to the Brexit the value of those was crushed. If you want to follwo me on eToro, you can sign up via my eToro link. You will get $50 for you first investment, I did the same thing. Found a refferal link and joined eToro, If you invest $200, you get $50, so in the start you are +25%. Just keep in mind the withdrawal fee is $25 so if you want to use this as a quick way to earn some extra cash.

This month I have increased my worth in eToro by 5%, but on the yearly basis I am 2.5% down, for a newbie is quite good. All of my trading has been done by following the books you can find in the books section.


Unlike eToro, Bondora is a no brainer. You send money to your Bondora account select “Bondora Go & Grow” and your capital start increasing with an interest rate of 6.75% and you can completely forget that you have an account. They do all the risk management and distribution of loans and your money is available for withdrawal anytime. I was quite lucky here because I got a $5 bonus for signing up and I also got this month $5 bonus for being a member. My goal for Bondora is to reserve $70-100 per month and invest it via Bondora. I saw a lot of people simply investing 10k or 20k into Bondora, but I am okay with investing some extra cash that I would use to buy something that I do not need. If you want a $5 bonus please use my affiliate Bondora link or find someone that can give you also one if you do not want to use mine. It is much nicer to get that $5 of free cash than to wait 4-5 months to receive it via the interests.

With bondora I gained in total 12.7 Euros in 2.5 Months. Keep in mind this is a 500 Euro investment.


Mintos like Bondora is also a P2P investing platform, for me, it was the first P2P platform that looked okay to invest in. In my blog post here, you can read about how I was trying to find some kind of investing opportunity that had a low learning curve and a good rating. After reading some blogs and listening to a lot of podcasts, Mintos and Bondora were the best platforms for me. Initial I invested 500 Euros in Minots a couple of months ago and now I 508 Euros, which is not much compared to the 12 Euro gain with Bondora. But with Bondora I was smart and I got 10 Euros from referral bonuses. If I would have used a referral link for Mintos I would have already be +20 Euros. So be smart and use the referrals that you can find if you need some extra cash. Speaking of refferal links, here is one Mintos mega link.

With bondora I gained in total 8 Euros in 3 Months. Keep in mind this is a 500 Euro investment.

Other updates

Besides these main passive income sources, I have started doing online surveys and monetization of my web page. Online surveys do not work that good in the European Union, for me a total waste of time. You might have seen a couple of ads on my page and they are bringing me 0.01 - 0.1 Euros per day on average. This would be approximately 18-20 Euros per year.

Another interesting project that I found was and you can read about that here ($50 for free).


Since I did not invest much into my portfolios and I plan to invest 250-350 Euros per month into these platforms I can only talk about how it feels to invest into these platforms. For eToro I was quite nervous because I was constantly losing money, but after reading a couple of books and talking to people, I do not feel stressed when I lose $50 in a day, because I see a week where I gain $150. If by the end of the year I am -1% in my portfolio I would be happy, because I get to own good companies that will recover after this 2019 news battle between Trump and Brexit. For Bondora and Mintos, I am a bit afraid to invest a lot of money into them, but I will try to drip invest money, but also be careful and watch the community to see if something crazy happens. Somehow I am super excited about coming to Europe because they are quite transparent with the things they do. Unline USA, Europe has been lacking a good cash back card like the ones offered by Their road map is good but you never know what can happen there.

P.S. Also I launched a small stock tool, take a look here. You can see the usage of the tool bellow. I needed something that can give me some basic information about the stocks that I am trying to buy. You can write in the comments, what would be a nice to have feature.

This is not financial advice.
I am not a financial advisor.
The intention of the post is just to share my experiences.
eToro Disclaimer : "66% of Retail CFD Accounts Lose Money
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