October Stocks Update and Monthly Analysis

Like September, October was also a positive month for my Stock Portfolio. At the start of the month, I deposited $120 to keep my determination to add at least $100 each month to my stock portfolio to grow it over time and reach the Silver Club Membership in eToro, which will give me a Dedicated Account Manager and a Daily Market Summary Newsletter. I am quite interested to see what if these things can help me improve my decision-making process.

Last month I thought about buying Accenture PLC, Airbus Group, Johnson & Johnson and NextEra Energy. Out of those I ended up buying only NextEra Energy but I switched my focus on “Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft” and “Deutsche Post AG”. On the 12th all of my information sources were pointing to a fall in the price of the UK stocks that I own so I sold LLOY.LL(Lloyd’s), BARC.L(Barclays), RBS.L(Royal Bank of Scotland) and RMG.l(Royal Mail). Afterward when the Brexit tensions calmed down I bough back LLOY.LL, BARC.L, and RBS.L but I additionally bought also HSBA.L(HSBC Holdings) and KIE.L (Kier Group PLC). I think that investing in these stocks from the financial sector when they are beatdown is a good decision, also they have great dividend rates, that is why I rebought them after the sentiment switch (I earned maybe 0.5% after fees for these transactions in a day). Overall I sold LLOY.L with 25.54% profit, BARC.L with 16.50%, and RBS.L with 16.30% with RMG.L I lost 3.67%. The negative sentiment regarding RMG.L made me sell it with a loss even though it is a good stock, but I wanted some cash to redistribute between other stocks.

Going to the US market, I sold my Netflix (NFLX) stocks with a 7.18% profit I could have made an additional 2-3 % more if I kept it but I wanted to diversify my portfolio a bit more. With the money that I made off NTLX and the UK/German Stocks, I bought ConAgra Foods Inc. (CAG), Verizon(VZ), The Kraft Heinz Company(KHZ) and Bristol-Mayers Squibb Co (BMY). The last two were suggestions from different people from different channels and I bought them because they have good statistics and a good dividend pay rate. This month’s MVP Stock would be Office Depot Inc (ODP), still undervalued with a 5.92% dividend yield and a good Earnings Report Sentiment. I call it the MVP because I am 33.13% up on this Stock, I sold 50% of my stocks and rebalanced the money into the stocks mentioned above.

The worst performer of my portfolio is Aurora Cannabis Inc, but I decided to stick with it, because of my fear of missing out with Cannabis stocks. Aurora Cannabis Inc is a good company and I think that there is potential, I just wish I waited 10 more days before buying the stock. The lesson that I learned here is that I should not buy when I see a decrease of 10% after a positive Earnings Report, this method may have worked for Office Depot Inc., but with ODP I already have a feeling how the stock price works. The only stock that I want to sell is PayPal, it has great potential but with a 0% dividend yield, I do not want it in my portfolio.

My swing trading strategy has been augmented with a dividend yield strategy. I will try to focus on stocks that have a good dividend yield and are undervalued. Might not be many stocks like this, but my portfolio is already growing, last month I started with 19 companies and now I am already at 27.

The stock tool that I have on the page I use to see some general data about the company, this helps me make decisions more easily.

Currently, I have the following stocks in my portfolio.

Stock Name Money Invested (%) Overall Profit since Investing(%)
PayPal Holdings 7.35% -9.23%
Foot Locker Inc 6.57% -0.40%
Wells Fargo & Co 6.32% 8.81%
Centrica 5.04% -18.12%
Visa 4.86% -1.58%
Philip Morris International Inc 3.41% 12.36%
Corning Inc 3.41% 7.09%
NextEra Energy Inc. 3.41% -0.09%
ConAgra Foods Inc. 3.41% -0.54%
ConAgra Foods Inc. 3.26% -0.04%
Nintendo CO Ltd. 2.92% 3.95%
Barclays 2.92% 1.26%
Verizon 2.92% 1.77%
Lloyd's 2.92% -5.97%
Royal Bank of Scotland 2.92% -6.92%
Cloudflare 2.82% -5.04%
Kier Group PLC 2.74% -8.46%
Coca-Cola 2.68% -2.43%
HSBC Holdings 2.68% -1.66%
Office Depot Inc 2.43% 33.13%
JPMorgan Chase & Co 2.43% 21.67%
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 2.43% 18.76%
Prudential Financial Inc 2.43% 13.44%
Deutsche Lufthansa AG 2.43% 9.81%
Deutsche Post AG 2.43% 7.63%
The Kraft Heinz Company 2.43% 1.06%
Aurora Cannabis Inc 2.43% -40.17%

The past month was quite good for me since my stock portfolio rose by 3.16%, looking at the numbers for this month I think it will be a bad one for most of my UK stocks. But the new ones that I invested in should balance out the loss. My goal is this month to be above 0.2%.

This month I also want to focus on Forex trading so my next post will be about my experice with Forex and the eToro Virtual Account.

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The intention of the post is just to share my experiences.
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