How to invest with cashbacks

A year ago I started my investment journey and I wish I had a blog that talked about leveraging cashback and signup bonuses.

To make you understand what I mean under cashback deals let us talk about a specific case. I started using a broker for stock trading and after some time I realised that I could have gotten a signup bonus from the broker and that I could have paid less in fees. Almost every broker offers some kind of a signup bonus, it might be 10, 20 or even 100 € and you can earn that by simply doing a bit of google research. Regarding the fees, I was always sending my money to PayPal and then via PayPal to my Broker, then my broker would charge a conversion fee because I was sending Euros instead of Dollars. If I would have used a better payment provider and invested in the right currency I would have not lost money on nothing.

Initial Investment 1000 € 1000 €
Transaction Fees PayPal Transaction Fee 2.7 % + 0,35€ Bank Transaction Fee 0% + 0.0€
Investment after Transaction Fees 972.65 € 1000 €
Currency Conversion Broker from Euro to USD 0.015 € per 1 € Doing it yourself 0€ per 1€
Investment after currency conversion 958.06 € 1000 €
Signup Bonus No Bonus 0 € Referral Link 100 €
True Investment 958.06 € 1100 €

What did I do wrong when I started, well I did not understand my sources of income and the broker fee, additionaly I did not do any research on signup bonuses. With a 20-30 minute research I could have saved 141.94 €, making my hourly rate 283.88 € which is amazing.

Crypto Investing Case

The first mistake I made with crypto investing was to use my existing broker instead of a crypto brokerage. At this point, I had a bit more experience and I did not invest much money, instead, I wanted to try it out with 100 €. With the initial investment of 100 €, the broker took a 2.9% spread fee, making my investment 97.1 €. But hey at least I did not lose the transaction and conversion fee money.

After some time I found . They offered a $50 signup bonus for an initial investment of $150. This meant that I was up 33.33 % on my initial investment. They also had 0% fees for crypto trading and constant bonuses for using their app. Besides that, they have an investment portfolio which has an up to 18% p.a. return.

Investment Way Broker
Initial Investment 150 $ 150 $
Signup Bonus 0 $ 50 $
Fees 2.9 % 0 $
True Investment 145.65 $ 200 $

P2P Investing Case

I was a pro-investor in the case of P2P investing, using the initial signup bonus for 2 different P2P platforms and using bank transfers instead of PayPal. After reading some interesting blogs, I decided to invest in Mintos and Bondora, investing 500€ in Mintos and 300€ in Bondora. Since Bondora offers a 5€ signup bonus for new users and Mintos a 1% bonus on the invested amount, I decided to invest 500€ with Mintos to gain the same bonus as for Bondora. For both platforms the cashback has a limit of 30 days, this means that you cannot claim a cashback 30 days after registration.

Investment Way Mintos Bondora
Initial Investment 500 € 300 €
Signup Bonus 5 € 5 €
Fees 0 % 0 $
True Investment 505 € 305 €
Profit Since Investing 15.84 € 14.31 €
Current Value 515.84 € 314.31 €

This is not financial advice.
I am not a financial advisor.
The intention of the post is just to share my experiences.
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