How much can you save in a City

Lately, I have been reading through blog posts telling me that I should save and invest a certain percentage of my income or even a certain amount of money. Since we all do not live in the same place and salaries and prices vary from location to location I was interested to create a tool that loads live data and produces some statistics.

I found that Numbeo offers such a service and I created a small web service to load data about cities and calculate how much money could I save in average. Graz is the city that I currently live in and according to Numbeo, the following table illustrates how much can I save/invest per month.

Registered members can also use the search input to find information about their city.

If you do not get data of a city, then Numbeo also does not have it probably.
Average Salary Monthly Rent Monthly Costs Savings
Min Average Max

Try using the compound interest calulcator to calculate how much can you save. The compound interest calculator can be found here

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This is not financial advice.
I am not a financial advisor.
The intention of the post is just to share my experiences.
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