Bondora Go and Grow

Bondora Go and Grow

In my previous blog post P2P Lending I talked about what P2P lending/Investing is and about two platforms (October and Mintos). After reading a couple of blogs on P2P lending I found a potential platform in which I want to invest. It is of course Bondora, according to my research you can get a 6.75% (minimum) gain by simply using the Bondora Go and Grow feature that they offer.

Right now I have invested €500 in Mintos and the dashboard is kind of confusing. You get daily emails with your account summary and there it seems like your capital is growing, but if you look closer some of the loans are not being paid on time. My fear there is that I will lose all of my money if the people simply do not return the loans. With Bondora it should be different. You should be able to retrieve your capital at any point with no loss. That is why I want to explore this platform. Even though Mintos has a huge net annual return of 12.25% it also has a high risk. The image bellow shows the state of my account, but also all the late loans.

One positive side of Mintos is that they allow PayPal payments and you fund your account instantly. With Bondora you have to wait 1-3 workdays to have the funds on your account. That is why I was kind of afraid to deposit more than €200. But I really liked the feature “Go and Grow”, so I wanted to try it out. This feature does all the risk management and investing out of the box for you. So the only thing you need to do is to invest the money into Bondora.

The important aspects with Bondora are:

  • You only pay taxes when you make a withdrawal over your initial capital investment
  • There is a flat withdrawal fee of €1, regardless of the size of the account
  • No annual management fees

Why do I have trust in Bondora? Well, all the blogs that I read, have only possitive reviews, trustpilot has a 5-star rating for Bondora and also it is mentioned in a lot of Investing Podcasts.

If you want to join Bondora, click on any link and get €5 for free on account creation. If you deposit €10 or more in the first 30 days, I will also get 5% of your investment.

This is not financial advice.
I am not a financial advisor.
The intention of the post is just to share my experiences.
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